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Piano Lesson (philosophy)

Piano Lesson

Teaching Philosophy


MUSIC is a gift for all individuals, regardless of background. Our goal for piano lessons has never changed, which is to assist all students to develop their musical skills with solid foundation and reach their own goals. WELL COMMUNICATION helps to make realistic plans. Do not hesitate to talk with your teachers. They want to help you. Once you start taking lessons, REGULAR PRACTICE is required to make a good progress. Start from a little amount of time and gradually establish your practice habit in your lifestyle. If you do not see the immediate progress, you will see it later. Be patient. We do have a regular student recital at Steinway Hall in New York. We believe that PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITY is one of important parts of music education. It changes our life. Working with a goal, practicing extra with a short term pressure, studying deeply, knowing the piece better, developing EXPRESSION, learning how to manage nervousness, experiencing the JOY from sharing music etc. It is a privilege to share YOUR SOUND to the world. If you have performance opportunities at school, community, audition, competition, or any private occasions for your families and friends, Take them as much as possible! Regular LESSON will positively help to develop your musical skill, confidence, musicianship, self-esteem etc, but we also need FUN. Pinako Music does our best to create Enjoyable/Attractive/Interesting lessons. Learning new things opens up more opportunities in life. FOCUS and enjoy your journey! “Good music comes from good heart.” - Dr. Marc Silverman says. What a beautiful moment to see our students playing the piano with big smile. Please continue to ENJOY MUSIC.